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A collection of some of the best art tutorials I have ever come across.

The whole gap concept is so important to me right now hahaha.

All of this is wonderful, but I want to add something, because the page about being introverted triggered something.

Be extroverted.  

Say things.  Put yourself out there.  Be the person who speaks up, who has the idea, the critique, the point of view.  Be loud when it counts.  Sing when there’s a pause.  Be a personality people recognize and love and want to return to.  Be someone memorable.  Be someone people want to work with.  Talk about what you make and why you make it and ask the questions you’re scared to.

Don’t be scared to.

Be bold.  Step forward by knowing what you want and get others to help you.  Help them.  Smile and laugh.  Make the first statement.  Inquire about people’s lives.  Be someone willing to take a chance and a risk and put yourself out there even when it feels uncomfortable.

I bring this up because all the time on this site I see things about being introverted.  Artists especially need to dive into their mind space, to think, and I am the biggest home body this world has ever known.  But this needs to be said: Be extroverted, if even just sometimes.  It will change things for you.  It will make things happen.  It will put things in motion.  Figure out when to use it if you can’t use it always, and new doors will open.

This is important.  People knowing you as much as your art, your writing, can help substantially.  People recommend the person they know; people remember the person they laughed with; people come back to the person well-spoken and clear.  And the more you force yourself to go to others, to ask questions from them, and learn from them, the richer you are.

So know when to be introverted.  But be extroverted, too.

reblogging for Amanda’s amazing addition.

I’m kind of going to have to disagree.. as an introvert.. being extroverted is sort of taxing and an effort and becomes a chore. It’s okay for me SOME of the time, but most of the time I prefer flying solo I guess? I draw my energy from that. I can be extroverted over the interwebs fine, but irl I’m 100% an introvert most of the time.

No, and I totally understand that.  I’m not saying, “Don’t be an introvert.”  I’m also not saying, “Be an extrovert always,” if that’s not who you are.  I’m saying know when it benefits you to be one or the other, particularly in a creative industry.  Don’t be afraid to use it as needed.  Since creativity comes with a lot of inherent isolation, it’s easy to disregard how much putting yourself out there pays dividends.  This last year, I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone to ask questions, show my personality, explain my work versus hoping it speaks for me, and there have been night and day changes in how people react to me and my art.  I know I’m more likely to get recommended for things than people teachers don’t think they know.  It’s been such a valuable realization to me, that I felt compelled to share that knowledge with others in hopes it might benefit them too.

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